Joe Knows Energy’s Success with High Performance Program

  • Developed a recruiting platform that leads to ability to discover a broad and deep pool of candidates leading to more talent available.
  • Developed a benchmark of characteristics that are critical to a high-performing professional inspector, including how various roles vary the benchmark. We have assessed over 10,000+ inspectors to build this benchmark. This leads to the ability identify which candidates to focus on.
  • Developed a digital platform, that
    • Provided real-time access, by candidates and clients, leading to enhanced communication between all parties.
    • Has 3-part scoring, technical, performance, and potential.
    • Has the ability to build teams, with complimentary skills and consider many alternative scenarios.
  • We have executed pilot programs in the Transmission, Midstream and Distribution markets, with Kinder Morgan, CNX and Central Hudson Gas and Electric and National Grid.
  • We have shared, as a presenter, through American Gas Association and Northeast Gas Association on 5 occasions our lessons learned including.
    • It is as important to deeply understand the culture of the team, as the candidate. Leading to our Team Fit Analysis.
    • It is important for us to provide a Team Leader, who is continuously improving the professionalism of the team.
    • It is important to understand the role of the professional when selecting the benchmark to compare them to. For example, if coaching is required, a different type of person is needed.
    • It is important to have Individual development plans and to utilize technology to train.
    • It is important to train the “soft skills” needed to be a professional, they aren’t getting this anywhere else.
    • It is important to have clarity about how we measure performance (KPI’s). This is very challenging. We need to work with our clients to understand what is important to them and facilitate agreement across many silos.
    • It is important that we work with software vendors, such as Locusview, to make these KPIs come alive in a dashboard and to ensure execution even when everyone is busy.
    • It is important to have regular strategic meetings with our clients so we can share feedback BOTH ways.
  • We have built a highly qualified leadership team that is scalable utilizing our HPP.
  • Utilizing our recruiting platform and our 12,500-person candidate platform, we build team proactively to respond timely to client needs.
  • We have developed our on- boarding and training capabilities, enhancing our new hire processes.

All of this has led to successful pilot programs with each of our clients. Review the Results below:

The New England team said “we view JKE as our go to inspection company. We used to select by individuals, now we believe that we are going to get the consistent professionals from JKE!”

Across all Kinder Morgan- we had 100% retention rate with our inspectors in 2019.

Experience of Joe Knows Energy LLC


2018 -2019 TRANSMISSION LINE AND FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION including LNG liquification plant, compressor stations, Integrity digs, and pipeline construction including chiefs, safety, environmental, welding, and general construction inspection in 10 states. We are continuing to provide inspectors during 2020.

Contact: Stu Dorgan at 585-410-2326


Since mid- 2019 we have experienced a 50% improvement in our retention rate, to achieve 100% retention rate.

We are now the preferred vendor, after only 1 year of providing inspectors, competing with 6 incumbent inspection service providers.

Experience of Joe Knows Energy LLC


2019-PROJECT INSPECTION combination of pipelines and facilities including construction manager, chief, safety, environmental, welding, and general construction inspection in 3 states (OH, PA, WV). We are continuing to provide inspectors during 2020.

Contact: Michael Vitello at 724-485-4583

We built a new team of inspectors, performing water transfer, and the client says, “they are doing an excellent job, helping to eliminate costly environmental spills”.

Experience of Joe Knows Energy LLC


2019 -PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION AND METER INSPECTION ON LOCAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK. We are continuing to provide inspectors and growing our team during 2020

Contact: Gail Duncan at 845-235-7885

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