How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age Part I

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I am continuously amazed how few people talk about “soft skills” such as winning friends and influencing people. For decades Dale Carnegie has taught people how to do this. One of the richest guys in the world, Warren Buffett, credits Dale Carnegie with helping him communicate much more effectively. In the world of digital communication these skills are even more important. Here is a quick summary to keep in mind for your use everyday!

  • Affirm what is good – unfold the lives of others & help them reach their full potential
  • Connect to their core desires – understand what they want & build trust
  • Take interest in what others are interested in – connect to common interest
  • Smile – it increases your face value – be happy to meet new people & look for reasons to smile
  • Name – use a person’s name – it is their trademark – shows respect
  • Build a community – trust based relationship – lead relationship to meaningful places
  • Make their day a little better – use little acts of service

  • Building trust
    • Avoid arguments – value interdependence over independence
    • Never say “You are wrong”– consider that both parties are right
    • What can I do to help others succeed
    • Admit fault quickly and emphatically- demonstrate courage & count on forgiveness
    • Begin in a friendly way – you are worth my time – create bond by sharing a personal connection – President Lincoln said, “I don’t like that guy, I must get to know him better.”
    • Engage with others – take the lead in a heartfelt way

Next week we will follow-up with Part II of our summary of “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age” and provide more tips to help you lead like a front line professional!

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