How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age Part II

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This week we continue with last week’s theme of winning friends and influencing people in the digital age. In the world of instant messages, video conferences and cloud based documents it is easy to forget the “soft skills” that previous generations used for decades. These skills can help you influence people, network and win friends! In the world of digital, communication skills are even more important. Here is another set of quick tips to keep in mind for your use everyday!

  • Access affinity – find common ground – attract who you are – you can get to yes if you start with yes
  • Surrender the credit – with gratitude
  • Appeal to their noble motives – convey to them that they are noble – “I believe in you”
  • Share your journey – Our mission is trust building & connect high performers
  • Throw down a challenge – conquer it together
  • Lead change without resistance
    • Begin on a positive note – begin with honest and genuine appreciation – Provide truthful and positive points that resonate – use “And” vs “But”
    • Acknowledge your baggage – admit your mistakes, “I was Wrong” is an opportunity to show humility
    • Call out others mistakes quietly – look at the system first
    • Ask questions vs. giving direct orders
    • Link your goals
    • Mitigate fault – make it ok to fail – “Forgive and Remember” – don’t make it personal & discuss over the phone or in person.
    • Magnify improvement

  • Make healthy relationships a priority
  • Encourage every day
  • Be inclusive
  • Don’t let conflict fester
  • Have fun
  • Stay connected on common ground – transparency, outreach, openness
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