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We provide the most effective methods to increase your earning power, individual growth and productivity.

What Does Joe Knows Energy Do For Inspectors?

Being in service to others is what brings true happiness.


oe Knows Energy delivers added value to our clients by providing them experienced Inspectors with outstanding communication and leadership skills that support the schedule and budget goals of the project team.

We hire inspectors who are committed to excellent performance standards and thrive in a safety-focused team environment.


What are the benefits of

partnering w/ JKE team?

  • Part of a Team-On Going Support and Development
    • – Newsletter
    • – Free & Paid Courses
    • – Learning Management Platform with Agent available help
  • Work More – Help with Marketing Self
    • – Develop a More appealing Portfolio of experience to help with job placement
    • – Exposure to more job opportunities
  • Get paid more – Help in Achieving Higher Wage
    • – Development of Critical skills that drive employer satisfaction
    • – Connection to training and recommendations
  • Leveraging Your Time
    • – Concierge services – Available SOON!

What Pipeline Clients Want

Field Professional

  • Having Technical Training with appropriate Certifications
  • Know what is expected with Defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Respond to critical events the right wayDefined Events + Responses to Drive Results
  • Look like Professionals-Uniformed
  • Looks out for Clients Best Interest


Who is Joe Knows Energy?

We are a Team of Professionals, focused on helping to “Helping Leaders Lead” by assisting the Oil and Gas Industry build the needed Infrastructure the “ Right way”!
JKE has a unique opportunity for inspectors in an environment with increasing regulation and expectations that has very little support to help inspectors increase their earning power nor get the support or mentorship to deliver better performance on the project.
What you really want is an agent that can help support you in the field, get you more opportunities and mentor you so that you can improve your skills and earning potential. You need a partner! That is JKE.

What kind of inspectors are we looking for?

You may be asking what types of inspectors are we looking for: The good news is that we are looking for quality inspectors with technical knowledge and applicable skills for Chiefs, Construction Managers and Inspectors for Utility, Welding, Coating, Environmental and Safety.

What region is the work in?

These positions are largely available in the Appalachian Basin Area but will be required all over North America. The great thing about becoming a Joe is that you can take the critical skills, leadership training and knowledge gained from mentorship to any project all over the world.

What does JKE have to offer that is better than the rest, or why should I invest in a relationship with JKE?

Like we said before, JKE is one of the only companies that acts as your agent, your partner! You are our #1 priority ,we are ONLY focused on your success. We know how to help you succeed in helping our clients succeed. This will lead to us getting and keeping the best clients and help you EARN longevity and the best rates in the industry.

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