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What Is Joe Knows Energy?

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For Companies

“I don’t trust 3rd party inspectors, they are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”
Joe Knows Energy is revolutionizing the industry by providing the Certainty, Responsiveness and Cost Effectiveness that you Need! We do this by providing;

  • Comprehensive, 7 Phase Integrated Solution
  • Easy Client Portal
  • Objective Scoring
  • Fluid Digital Platform
  • Measurable, Training and testing

For Inspectors

We put YOU FIRST! We know that when we put you first, we attract the best, and the BEST provide extraordinary service to our clients, leading to SUCCESS FOR ALL! We put YOU FIRST when we help you:

  • Get work
  • Good Pay
  • Communication
  • Support – Career Development
  • Member of a Team of high performers


why third party inspectors are like a box of chocolates

  • Every Gas company has a different taste and needs…VARIETY is valued!
  • The inspector pay is significant, often more than they pay their company men…the BILL has their attention!
  • Inspector is new to the team and duration of the project is short…TIME is not taken to understand each other
  • Good inspection is 80% non-technical…Good inspection is all about COMMUNICATION, which is often not taught or defined.
  • Gas companies are realizing how important the inspector’s job is to their success. Receiving the permit for the next project, THEIR JOB is dependent on how well the inspector performs.

experts approved

  • I have worked with Joe Knows Energy for a year now and they have been a great company to be associated with. The wage is certainly competitive and the personal support is unparalleled. Their CEO, Mr. Dan Lorenz, has a great vision of changing the inspection industry as we know it and I am happy to be a part of the team that is involved. I look forward to the future of this company and I’m excited to see where it will take us.

    Benjamin Sisler
    Benjamin Sisler Chief / Utility / Welding Inspector



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